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LEGO®-Based Therapy is a collaborative, play based social skills intervention for children with autism and related conditions. This site provides information about LEGO®-based therapy and details of training courses in both the UK and Australia.

Aims of LEGO®-based therapy

LEGO®-based therapy aims to develop social competence through the development of social skills. Collaborative play provides opportunities for children to practise skills such as turn-taking, listening, sharing ideas, communication, compromise, problem solving and shared attention. Groups are run by a trained facilitator and children are encouraged to build together within set roles. Each child plays the role of an ‘engineer’, a ‘supplier’ or a ‘builder’ and together they follow pictorial instructions to build a model.


LEGO®-based therapy encourages children to interact with each other through collaborative play with construction toys; materials which are often highly motivating to children with autism and related conditions. Children are motivated to participate in the group intervention because they are interested in building, and therefore they are more willing to work together as a group. The shared focus on building enables children to learn and practise social skills within a social environment they feel comfortable in.


LEGO®-based therapy is suitable for use in schools and community settings.  Bricks for Autism offers facilitator training for professionals wishing to run groups. Visit for details of professionals training, or click here to find a licensed Bricks for Autism trainer near you.

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